Waiting for heating and A/C sale

Sometimes if I am lucky, the local heating corporation will go on sale and a lot of their heat and A/C products will be on sale! I always look forward to sales, but I really look forward to heating and air conditioning sales.

Why? You would think that I would be more excited about the jewelry store sale, or clothes store sales.

But no, I am excited about the heating and air conditioning sales because they happen a lot less frequently, as well as their expensive prices. I signed up for the cooling corporation’s email subscription, and so they would let me know about their latest deals, and they sometimes even text me these wonderful deals. So I was super excited when I received a text from them stating that they were having a sale on every item on their website. I practically jumped out of my seat and rushed on to their website. I had an account on their website, and once I signed into my account, I went to my wishlist, where I had multiple items saved. Sure enough, the items I had saved were on sale. I had a smart thermostat and some HEPA air purifiers that I wanted to buy, and so I added those to my cart. Then I decided to browse a bit and see what else they had, they also had a really cool humidifier for sale as well, and so I decided to buy that as well. I had saved quite a bit of money, and I was so pleased with myself. I am so glad I saw that text when I did, because the sale only lasted for today.

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