I hate how they set the thermostats in the hospital

There are a lot of people that hate going to the hospital, and I am one of those people.

I do not know specifically why I started disliking the hospital, but now, the reasons for not wanting to go to the hospital are many. I do not like doctors. I do not like medicine. I do not like anything that has a sharp point. The list could go on and on. The only time that you will ever find me in the hospital is when I am at death’s door. Another reason that I don’t like going to the hospital is because of the thermostat. I really do not like how the hospital uses its HVAC units. Obviously, hospitals are very large buildings, and they have a lot of HVAC units in order to keep the entire building comfortable. They have the best furnaces and the best central air conditioners, but they cannot manage to ever keep the thermostat set to a temperature that is actually comfortable for the people who are in the hospital. I have never been to a hospital that didn’t feel cold. Regardless of whether or not they are using the furnace or the central air conditioner, the temperature at the hospital always feels cold. Now, I know that they say that they have a reason for setting the thermostat to a colder temperature. They say that it is healthier for everyone to have the temperature cool at the hospital. However, I do not like being cold at the hospital because of the HVAC units. I already do not like going to the hospital, so having to endure the colder temperatures is like adding insult to injury. They need to change the thermostat so that they make it just slightly warmer.

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