So glad the fix was easy

My dog found its house in our bathroom now.

First, it was hiding in the kitchen near the pantry.

Then, it hid in the den under the sofa. After that, it hid under our office for a morning or two. Then, it was hiding in our bedroom under the back corner of our bed. And now finally, it’s shacked up under our sink in our bathroom. I’m glad that it is getting to like the whole house. It needs to find a spot in the kitchen next & that would cover all of the rooms. Maybe it could hide in our tankless overheated water heater if it can find a way. This pet is a wizard I swear. I was looking for it in our tiny flat for about 45 minutes until I found it under a small pillow on the sofa. My plumber neighbor told myself and others that it could take months until the pet is comfortable enough to let myself and others pet it. I was hoping for a nice friendly fluffy little dog that I could pet instantaneously however maybe this pet was brought here to teach myself and others patience. I may just have enough patience now to do this leak service that I have been putting off for so long. Maybe the pet can teach me how to do that too, or just do it himself. He seems to be smart enough. I had some pipe cleaning done and the water flow is much better now when I am taking a bath. All is well, now where is that dog?
leak repair