Heating supplier and life

I was talking about how I decided to pursue the performing arts field almost 20 years ago and how it has led me all over the world basically, with a whole bunch of fond memories to boot. I could have stayed with my painting company but I bet I would be miserable doing it still and wishing I took the chance like I did. I’m not famous or anything, but I feel that creating and connecting with the arts is where the real joy comes from doing it, and not in how many followers or how much money you have. Heating and cooling system stories gives me an income so I can keep doing the arts, and I am so grateful for it because I like to write about space heaters and things like that. I would love to play music for another 25 years, if my body decides it can last that long, and make a whole bunch of cool songs with my band. If the local businesses keep us performing in them then I think my dream will be a success. If I made it 25 more years that would be 45 years in show business, which is a pretty good run considering I didn’t start till the ripe old age of 38. I am writing now beside my little air purifier and will take a break in a few minutes to go out and appreciate the very cool little town that I call my home. I will also call mom tonight if I am feeling well enough to do so as I have the flu right now.

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