One more heating story for everyone

I am getting pretty hungry and want to get some kefir in my body to help fight this flu.

Kefir has a whole bunch of antibiotic strains of good bacteria in it which help fight infections like the one I have.

I read that you can drink it a few times a day when you have a fever or a cough and the antibiotics in it will kill the virus quicker. I will try it as I have a lot of kefir in my fridge because my flatmate makes the stuff at home each day. This fever was heating up last night to the point I was sweating like crazy, but after taking kefir all day yesterday the fever seems to be subsiding. I’ll keep taking it throughout the day today and see how I feel tomorrow when I wake up. The cooling tech told me that she had a really bad cold or flu and within about three days of using kefir each day she was totally cured, so let’s see if it does the same for me. I would love to not take antibiotics from the doctor if I can help it because it kills all of the good bacteria in the body and leaves our immune system compromised. I have to work next week for the heating and cooling supplier and need to be better before that time comes. I also have a friend who wants to visit me in five days and would love to see her if I am feeling better, as she is a good friend and I really miss seeing her.
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