My friend asked me Heating and A/C advice

I got a call from my friend early in the afternoon.

At first, I was a little grumpy at the call, since my friend knows that I am not a afternoon person.

I am an afternoon person. So why was she calling me so early? I answered the call, and she asked me an unrespected question. She asked if I had any know-how on Heating and A/C equipment. What? Why was she asking such a peculiar question at this horrid hour? After prying for more information, she told me the heat and cooling system unit was making a bizarre noise, and she was sad it was going to split down. I laid back and wracked my brain for information. I remember when I was in university, a Heating and A/C worker visited our university and briefly told us about his career. I remember the mentioned something about bizarre sounds, but that memory was vague, from so numerous years ago. I told her I would call her back, and after thinking about it for a little while longer, I remember that he said to check for loose parts. I called her back and told her that there weren’t any loose parts in the machine, and she left the phone to check. When she came back to the phone, she told me that there was a penny in the Heating and A/C machine, and that was what was causing the noise. I was delighted that the solution was simple and that it didn’t require a Heating and A/C worker. Happy to have helped, I hung up and went back to sleep.



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