Right time to purchase

I hope I can time this right with our big buy of apartment rentals.

I’ll be getting cash this month or tomorrow & if it keeps diving a bit in price I could entirely make a great buy.

I guess I would need to buy it this time or tomorrow before it takes off on another rise again. I am just waiting for our mom to drop the currency in our bank account. I don’t want to ask her about it as it is an inheritance from our dad. Patience is the key to almost everything in life. I guess I will focus on a gas line service I need for our kitchen’s water gas furnace because there has been a problem with it. I also guess I should go to the beach for a while & just clear our head of all of this currency thinking malarky, it’s so deranged how the people I was with and I worry about things that entirely don’t matter in the big picture. I have a few plumbing repairs I could do around the house & that should help me stop thinking about investments for a while. I’ve never been so addicted to something like this but I guess it adds some excitement, just like gambling, when life gets dull. I could help our neighbor with a sewer line service at his house but I guess I would rather go to the sea & skip dimes across it than clean a sewer line. Maybe he should just call someone & cough up a few dimes, & get it done right & done fast.

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