Cat likes the bathtub

My cat is still so scared of me after being here for over a week.

I don’t understand if it was abused or if it is just freaked out from being moved to a modern location.

I feel I would think the same way, so I guess it just needs time to get used to this location & me. It’s a small black cat with big green eyes, looks like a cartoon character & is great at escaping & hiding, so I named it Hyde. Maybe one morning Hyde will finally appreciate me like I love it already. The plumbing business told me this morning, when I called him saying the cat has escaped our house, that there are various locations the cat can hide. I finally found my cat hiding under one of the pillows on the sofa when I almost crushed it by leaning on it. I guess the plumber is correct about giving the pet time & just letting it eventually come to me. It’s been hiding under the sofa for over a month & what if years go by & it just lives under our sofa, what kind of a cat is that? I guess the drain in our bathtub is getting clogged with cat hair because it is draining slowly & I see a bunch of black hair in it. I guess Hyde likes the bathtub because he feels safe in it. Luckily, I have several bathrooms so the people I was with and I both have our own. I also have a problem with our water heater but I don’t feel it’s the cat’s fault.

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