A good water heater service

I’ve lived all over the country since moving to where I am now.

I like being along the water.

The weather here is nice & overheated but also has undoubtedly cool, if not cold, harsh seasons. I live in a flat that is much too big for myself and others but I don’t want to transport to another location anymore. I’ve moved so many times over the past couple of years that I am tired of it. If I meet the right lady then maybe one morning she could live here with me, or flopped? I just savor our place here. I had to call a plumber to repair our water gas furnace as it was not heating up the water so fast & when I took a shower it would go from cold to overheated & overheated to cold various times during the course of our showering. There is nothing worse than taking a shower & someone flushes the toilet & you end up with 3rd degree burns on your face. Or maybe it’s first degree burns, I don’t understand which one is worse however it wasn’t the worst kind of burn, just redness on the skin that was swollen some. They had the overheated water gas furnace temperature control turned all the way up in this one flat I lived in & the water would literally ruin your skin if it was on overheated full blast. You could soft boil an egg with that overheated water directly from the tap, haha, no joke. Actually a joke. Thank you plumbing business.
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