What do I want to do

I was sitting in our cold water bath this morning thinking about what would make me cheerful & satisfied now that I have currency to spend money on all our bills for more than nine years.

I guess having a passion & someone to love, a life partner if you will, & a healthy body & mind.

Those are the things that should keep us content. I was doing painting until about several or several years ago when I stopped basically, however now I feel like I am missing out so I am starting a quarterly show this Monday. Find your love. Maybe you savor doing drain line repairs & cleaning septic tanks, if that is what you appreciate then go for it. I guess having a challenge is great for the mind & soul & adds a sense of purpose to our step. I’m sure some people savor having a plumbing repair & a steady day to day & if that gives you a feeling of satisfaction then you have found your path. I guess that when I was cleaning houses it was cool up to a point & then I began to feel unhappy & felt I needed to do something different, so I did. I got our plumbing license & did leak repairs for a few years until I felt like I needed another change, & that’s when I got into lay up comedy. I was 38 years seasoned & felt like I was starting too late however as the years went by I realized that it doesn’t matter when you start, just that you start.

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