I might do the work

So alright, I did my taxes for the past three years & hopefully calculated it officially. Sent it overnight to the taxman so I hope they forgive all the years I missed before due to no employment. I barely scraped by a decade ago & now I got some relief from our dad’s will. He worked his whole life in the real estate market & accrued over various million dollars in real estate & a few million in the bank. I’m fortunate I had a rich & nice dad because the past 15 years chasing comedy have sunk myself and others financially. I can now afford a plumber or carpenter if I need one instead of doing it myself but I would still rather provide it a shot first & believe great about being able to do it. I’ve had lots of time fixing things & a degree in mechanical engineering so I savor a challenge. I did our own tankless water gas furnace upgrade last year & it wasn’t even that exhausting actually. I did a lot of painting as I owned our own painting supplier for more than nine years & the people I was with and I ran into a lot of plumbing leaks that ruined the walls so I understood how to repair them instead of the owner having to call a plumber along with myself the painter. It made them cheerful having myself and others repair it because they knew me somewhat & trusted I would provide them a tolerable deal. Not to say that plumbers don’t provide tolerable deals too but it’s just easier when I am already there & guess how to repair it.



sewer line installation