The tiny cottage she purchased came with an electric furnace

The first year up here was not exactly what Yolanda would call being in her comfort zone.

Her job was so intense as there was a substantial learning curve to her new position. Yolanda rarely socialized but at holidays when friends or family would come to see her. And even then, it was always back to the zone controlled Heating and Air Conditioning of the office that she was not accountable for. This was quite a massive change. While Yolanda was convinced that she was up to it. That first year would test her and her resolve more than ever before. However, she would never have applied for the position if she didn’t believe she could do it. The fact is, she’d been working more than 16 years for the same company and looking for this sort of chance. It’s just that this position wasn’t easy. Actually, when Yolanda got here, this regional office was upside down. The previous 5 managers had been fired because they couldn’t turn the ship around. And when she got here, this place was failing and the morale was in the toilet. Throw in the fact that she had never lived and worked above the Mason Dixon line and it wasn’t easy. The tiny cabin she bought came with an electric furnace that she inherited. Actually, this was actually a quick sale because Yolanda agreed to take the place as is for the right price. That worked out for her financially and shelter wise, but it was far from comfortable just like being in the office. This past Fall, Yolanda replaced all of the residential Heating and Air Conditioning and now has a central AC that comes with a new electric heater. This winter season was the toastiest ever inside her home.

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