They recently had to update the AC in their cabin

Too often, Randol and Keith are convinced that knowing some basics of something gives them more insight.

That’s generally not true at all.

This is definitely not the sort of behavior they display while working inside the zone controlled Heating and Air Conditioning of the office everyday. They perform more due diligence on just about every idea, recommendation or investment that has to do with the business. So why would they think meeting with a heating and AC tech once would make them think they knew something about Heating plus Air Conditioning equipment. Again, this is a case of them being absurdly overconfident with no reason to be that way. Randol and Keith recently had to replace the Heating and Air Conditioning unit in their cabin. So of course, they met with the Heating and Air Conditioning tech to talk about their next residential Heating and Air Conditioning system. It’s not as though they have weird or odd heating and cooling demands. That’s not the case at all. Still, it was cool to speak with an Heating and Air Conditioning tech who asked particular questions about what they wanted in quality heating and air. But Randol and Keith also had an ulterior motive to all of this. They were trying to glean information so they could find the Heating and Air Conditioning unit online for a hugely discounted rate. And then just have the Heating and Air Conditioning tech install it. And this is just the approach they took. It took them nearly two months to find the deal they wanted but when they did, Randol and Keith snapped it up and had it shipped to their cabin. The thing is though, they just bought a Heating and Air Conditioning unit that won’t fit the air volume in their cabin. How’s that for being clever?



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