Figuring out how to run comfortably with the dog

I like to jog for my daily workout.

I’m not overly fast, but I have a lot of stamina.

I have no problem with long-distance runs. I recently had my son’s dog at my house for two weeks while he took a vacation with his girlfriend. The puppy is a two-year old, 60 pound Aredale named Frances. She has so much energy & always wants to play. While I’m trying to focus on work responsibilities on my laptop, she repeatedly offers me a squeaky toy to throw or bumps my leg for attention. I hoped that taking her for a run would get rid of some of that abundance of energy. Frances takes long runs with my son all the time. My son is several inches above six-feet tall & twenty-eight years old. I am just over feet tall & in my mid-fifties. For the first stretch of the run, the dog pulled me down the road faster than I wanted to go. I worried she might yank my arm out of the socket. I finally managed to slow her down to a walking pace. I then kept her at that slower speed until her tongue was hanging out. She was panting by the time I carefully increased our speed. I got us both up to a run again. She fell into my pace, & we ran together for three miles. It was really enjoyable running with the dog. It was a beneficial activity for the both of us. When we got back home, we were both breathless & wanted water. While I had the dog at my house, I ran with her every other day. Every time, we started out walking until she was ready to accommodate my slower running pace.

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