Cold weather is a problem for workouts

I live in a part of the country where the weather is typically moderate.

I can normally walk outside without needing a jacket.

Sometimes, the high heat & humidity can be an issue. I enjoy the chance to workout outdoors the majority of the time. I like taking six mile runs or riding my bike for a workout. Now and then, I play tennis with my son or kayak across the lake. I’ll sometimes bring my yoga mat, jump rope & free weights out on the deck so that I can breathe fresh air & benefit from the sun on my skin. I’ve noticed that I’m way more motivated when I train outside. I push myself harder & get a more beneficial workout. It’s an ideal opportunity to clear my thoughts, get rid of stress & concentrate on a more positive mood. There’s also lots of ways to switch up the workout & keep things exciting. For the last several weeks, the area has been dealing with an unpleasant weather front. The skies have been gray with strong winds, rain & temperatures down in the low forties. I am working out in my enclosed porch every morning. The workouts have become rather repetitive & discouraging. It’s a challenge to warm up my muscles & joints. I feel tight, stiff, and lethargic. I’m suffering a range of aches & pains & always want to cut the workouts short. Yesterday, I couldn’t face working out inside again. I dressed in layers of warm clothing, hopped on my bike and rode to the athletic field. I ran around the track for 30 minutes and then rode home. It felt awesome to be outside but I nearly froze to death.


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