Delivery of couch interrupts workout

I workout for approximately 60 minutes every day.

Since I work from a home office, I can arrange the timing of my training session to fit into my schedule.

This last week, I was told that my new couch was scheduled to arrive in the morning. I was provided a two-minute window for the delivery. The couch was supposed to show up sometime between 10:30 AM & 12:30 PM. The outdoor conditioners were especially chilly & wet, so I figured it best to complete my workout before the delivery. I hoped to exercise, take my shower & get some work done before I was disrupted by the delivery guys. I wore extra layers to workout because my home gym is exposed to the outside air and not temperature controlled. I was able to get warmed up & had just started a jump rope app on my iphone when I was distracted by a loud beeping noise. I immediately figured out that it was the sound of a big truck in reverse. The delivery people had arrived and it was only 8:45. I was obviously not prepared. I quit my workout so that I could open the front door for them. The job of unloading, unpacking & situating the couch in my living room took about 30 minutes. My whole body cooled down & my joints and muscles tightened up during that time. I was also damp with sweat, which left me feeling especially cold & aggravated. After the delivery process was complete, I resumed my workout. It was a challenge to motivate myself again. While I was thrilled to have new furniture, I was annoyed about the interruption. I should have been warned about the earlier arrival time.

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