Bugs and ants hollowed the insulation out.

My hubby Zed in addition to I were ripping out the walls in the main living room of our house.

Zed and I wanted to remodel the room in addition to add a larger closet.

When Zed and I started ripping the walls out, I got sick when I saw what was going on in between them. Black ants had gotten into the insulation in addition to you could see the burrowing they were doing in the insulation. I refused to touch any of the insulation until my hubby destroyed the black ants. All four walls were attacking the insulation, which made us understand why the living room was so hard to heat up in addition to cool down. My mind was now wondering if it was possible that the ants were in every wall in the house. I wanted to contact an exterminator in addition to have them treat the entire home in addition to the surrounding grounds for ants. All the days Zed and I spent shivering because our boiler couldn’t keep up with the cold. The summer time Zed and I sweltered inside the home because the a/c couldn’t keep up swirled in my mind. I didn’t want to sleep in the living room or in the home until I was totally sure they exterminated every ant. Zed laughed in addition to told me it could be worse. Zed and I could have termites in the wood along with the black ants in the insulation. I called the exterminator in addition to told them I wanted them to treat for termites as well as treating for ants. Zed and I were going to a hotel for one night so my pal and I weren’t in the home with the chemicals, in addition to Zed and I would have a/c. If they were treating for termites, Zed and I would have three mornings with excellent AC, instead of one.



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