The roofers saved us money on A/C.

We knew that the roof was getting old, my good friend Cal and I had been in the home for fifteen years, however the home was almost 35 years old.

Cal and I suspected it hadn’t been replaced in 35 years, when the roofer showed up, he did an inspection of the roof in addition to told us the roof needed replaced, however so did the old skylight, then there were water tracks in the skylight, in addition to he showed Cal where the water was coming in around the trim; He told Cal that by replacing the roof in addition to skylight, Cal and I would also save money on our Heating, Ventilation plus A/C usage, however if there was water streaming in through the skylight, there had to be heat loss in the same area, however since Cal and I called the roofers because of a leak in the attic, my pal and I were truly losing heat in the attic.

It wasn’t just the leaks in the roof in addition to skylight where Cal and I were losing heat, however the insulation was shot. My good friend and I knew Cal and I couldn’t afford to lose heat through a faulty roof in addition to the skylight, and after $15,000 for a new roof in addition to skylight, Cal and I realized how right the roofers had been! Our daily bills went down this winter, by almost 40%, our water boiler didn’t run as long, in addition to our home was warmer than it had been in years. Cal and I thought the roofers were just looking to add as much as they could to their coffers, in addition to I am sure I owe them an apology. That roof was just too ancient to stop the heat from escaping our house. I’m happy Cal and I could have the roof repaired in addition to saving heating at the same time.

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