The body is cooling off at home

I need to decide whether I want to relax on the beach with my friends later or play music with my bandmate on the pier by the beach.

Those are my two passions, and they sometimes clash.

I can’t do both on the same afternoon because they require far too much energy, and my shoulders can’t handle it. Volleyball uses the shoulders a lot, and drumming uses them even more, so I can only do one in the afternoon and need to decide soon which one it will be, but cooling down my shoulders after playing sports or music is a must, and the cold sea works well for that, which is then followed by a heating up session next to my radiant space heater. I played some ball last night, and my shoulders are a little sore this week, but I think they’re good enough to play again or drum in the band. I’ll wait to hear from my HVAC tech bandmate and let him decide whether or not to play. When he is stressed and unable to, I will pack my beach gear and play some games. My wonderful friend and I must also clean out my furnace, which is an oil furnace and is in desperate need of a thorough cleaning after being used extensively throughout the winter. I believe my associate and I can complete that task in an hour or two this weekend and be set until next winter. Ultimately, I will make the decision based on my friend’s availability and the condition of my shoulders, but whether I end up on the beach or playing music, I know I can rely on the cooling sea and my trusty space heater to take care of my shoulders afterward.
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