Clean clothes plus clean cooling systems

I’m going to work hard and write one more article before heading out for an afternoon bike ride.

It’s great to live in a small town where I can walk or ride my bike to almost anywhere in town in a matter of minutes.

I live two minutes by bike from the beach and two minutes by foot from the grocery store. I have a nice setup living in this new three dining room two bath flat with one roommate who is either working or relaxing in his room. The HVAC system at the site is also new, and it keeps us all cool with the cold air conditioner during these hot summers. It’s pretty cool that you can live somewhere in the world for about $1000 a month for everything, which makes toiling a lot more pleasant because I’m not under pressure to make money. I’m going to work a little harder on the new business until I have a nice buffer in the bank so I can spend money on things like HVAC system repairs or dental problems. I have to go to the doctor next month because it has been three years since I had my teeth cleaned. The air conditioned doctor’s office is pleasant in terms of temperature, but the rest of the visit is not so pleasant. But I have to go in and have some cracks in my teeth bonded, as well as have my teeth cleaned and checked for cavities. As I finish this article and prepare for my afternoon bike ride, I’m reminded of the importance of financial stability, not only for enjoying the small-town perks but also for being prepared for unexpected expenses like HVAC repairs or dental treatments.


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