My cat lounges next to the a/c unit

Bonkers, my cat, sought safety next to the a/c as the town was engulfed in a heat wave.

He could take refuge from the heat of the morning and prefer the gentle breeze there. He was a generic black cat which said generic sounds awful but had attractive orange eyes. But he had a type that came with him. He would stretch his body out, then curl up in a cozy ball, as if he was some sort of king. The easy fact that he was there, next to the humming a/c, testified to his unwavering enjoyment for luxury. He would look out over the neighborhood with an air of royalty. Occasionally, he would lift his head and look out the window, lazily seeing the passing traffic below as the breeze caressed his fur. The pigeons singing from the nearby trees were pleasant, however they failed to capture his attention. In retrospect, I wish Bonkers had that easy life that he has. He was in an oasis of calm in my otherwise frenetic life. He taught me the value of slowing down to prefer the little things. On rare occasions, I would even join Bonkers and lay out on the floor next to him. My buddy and I used to prefer the cool relief that the a/c brought to us as a pair. The cares of the world seemed to melt in those times, leaving behind a sense of pleasurement. In general, I’m easily jealous of his life. I do have to still get him food and periodically make sure his litter box is clean. But overall, he has it made. It must be good to be a cat.
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