Yellow jacket rescue is both a technique and product to stop queens from creating nests

Although I grew up on a farm and am used to living in the countryside, my husband is a city boy.

He always thought of camping as an idyllic and wonderful experience in every single way, but he never stopped complaining when I finally took him to a local camping ground for a single night.

First it was the mosquitos; then after getting rid of them with the campfire, he was frustrated about the heat. I finally told my husband that despite loving him, I knew that he was cut out for camping or being self-sufficient in any way in the wilderness. Our house is halfway between our town and a rural suburb, so we have a few neighbors but the houses are clusters far apart from one another. There is also a nature preserve that is adjacent to our backyard. It’s normal to have yellow jackets forming nests in the garage, but my husband hates it. He used a product called yellow jacket rescue, but I told him we should call a bee removal service to do actual yellow jacket relocation. The specialist removes the queens before nests and hives can be established. Often the queens are released in places away from residences and commercial property. I am not a huge fan of using insecticides, not because I worry about killing a few yellow jackets, but because of the environmental impact of using these chemicals in the first place. Some of them are carcinogenic as well. Paying for yellow jacket rescue and relocation is better than calling an exterminator to come out and spray chemicals at the few nests that we have in our garage.
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