Grown enough to go to the cooling corporation and make sound decisions

Kelly opened a bigger office in Knoxville, but she still comes home almost every weekend to stay with Francis. People at the cafe are always talking about how they’re married but not really married, so I asked Ava about it the last time she was home from the University, and she said her dad is crazy in love with her mom, but her mom likes her independence. That worried me, so I talked to my mom about it last night, like why she doesn’t want her independence like Miss Kelly does, and she said because Dad makes her heart sing. I am unsure what she meant by that, but I could not imagine them living apart. I was going to the local service provider to confirm a few things with the HVAC technician. It was also an excuse to accompany Ava on her shopping trip. My parents said that they trusted my opinion regarding cooling technology, but I think they just wanted to get me out of the house since it had been a while since I went to town, or even outside, for that matter. I had been present during my parents’ numerous discussions on cooling equipment, and I knew what they wanted. I had also done my fair research on cooling systems, and the HVAC contractor echoed what I had in mind. I also learned quite a bit at the cooling corporation. The electric heat pump would be the best choice for our home. The HVAC specialist assured me of their quality AC service, and I met Ava. I told her all about the climate control system, not leaving out the good-looking HVAC specialist who would come to our home to help with indoor comfort. When I went home that afternoon, my parents made me tell them everything that went on at the HVAC business; so much for trusting my judgment.



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