When it's simpler to acknowledge the skills of a fellow cooling specialist than to admit one's feelings

In the month since Brianna had left, May had unfolded with all her showy lace and earthy perfume.

As June approached, hepatica and trillium gave way to wild geranium and bleeding hearts, while rhododendron, azalea, and mountain laurel spread their joy.

Runaway Mountain had never been more beautiful, but Brianna wasn’t here to share it. Brianna’s last words were that she was going to a place where she and her quality AC service would be appreciated. You never miss the water until the well runs dry. Jack never thought it was possible to miss someone like he missed Brianna. She was probably somewhere working on cooling equipment and loving every minute of it, especially since she was far from him. Jack didn’t just miss her skills as a cooling specialist, not that they couldn’t come in handy at such a time when he needed help with indoor comfort, but her as a person. Jack hadn’t come around to fixing the cooling system. Her bubbly personality livened the cooling corporation. Everybody in their HVAC business missed her already, but Jack felt the void the most. He remembered the first HVAC installation they did together. At first, as the local service provider, he was not happy to be paired with the new cooling technician, but he went along with it. Jack ended up enjoying working on climate control systems with her. When she asked him to help her with her electric heat pump, he was more than happy to. He liked how enthusiastic she was about cooling technology, enjoyed her story on how she ended up as an HVAC contractor, and realized that he had fallen madly in love with her.


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