What’s with the influx of gym members in December?

I have been a regular member at the local fitness center since the facility’s grand opening almost twelve years ago.

  • Although the annual membership fees have increased a bit, I am willing to pay for improvements.

The gym always makes updates in their amenities plus machines. I have access to yoga studios, tanning beds, massage therapy, a crew of personal trainers plus a certified nutritionist. I can sign up for group fitness classes such as spin, yoga, HIIT, intervals, boot camp plus more. There are many strength training machines that target particular muscles in the arms, shoulders, back plus legs. I can use the free weights, kettlebells, weighted poles, medicine balls or battle ropes. For calorie burning, I have the choice of a wide variety of treadmills, stationary bikes, stair-climbers, ellipticals plus rowers. There is even an indoor running track, speed bags, heavy bags plus a miniature rock-climbing wall. For the vast majority of the year, I am totally content with the gym. Every December, the gym advertises a large discount on membership to lure in additional clients. There is an influx of members in December. Most of these people are not dedicated to their physical fitness. They have made a New Year’s resolution that they won’t keep. They make it so much more strenuous to find an available locker room. I need to wait for an empty shower stall. They never scrub down the component when they are done with it. Many of the machines are occupied or being used improperly. Most of the current members quit by the end of December. It is a relief when the gym is back to just the regulars who are serious about their exercise.


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