My workouts have caused wicked leg cramps

My workouts are intense, and consistently include some type of high-intensity aerobics.

I incorporate lots of jumping rope, running, squats plus also lunges.

I often go through a variety of mountain climbers, burpees plus squat thrusts. As I’ve gotten a lot older, I’ve had some problems due to the wear plus tear on my leg muscles. I can live with these sore muscles plus joints. However, the leg cramps during the night are awful, but shortly after I crawl into bed, my calf muscles begin to seize up. The pain is utterly exhausting plus sleep is impossible. I apply a pain-relieving ointment to my calves before going to sleep. I take turmeric, magnesium plus ibuprofen every night. I periodically need to wrap both legs in big heating pads in order to avoid the cramps plus get some sleep. There are times when I am forced to roll out of bed plus stretch my muscles. I’ve learned about muscle cramps plus learned that they can be caused by overworked muscles plus dehydration. I am unwilling to stop this level of physical fitness. I have found that I can take a couple mornings each week plus focus more on strength training. I have also bought a stationary bike that allows me to elevate my active heart rate plus burn calories without strenuous impact. I now devote a lot more time to a thorough warm-up prior to exercising plus a cool-down at the conclusion of the session. I make more of an effort to sufficiently stretch my leg muscles. I also have doubled my water intake during the workout. After exercising, I add a packet of powder to a bottle of water. This powder contains all sorts of electrolytes, and vitamins which help to prevent the symptoms of dehydration.

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