A triathlon bathroom

My sister desperately wants me to do a triathlon with her.

  • I am not that excited.

I have tried all sorts of reasons to get out of it. I don’t want to train, I don’t see the point in it plus it is too much money. My sister is offering to train with me, she feels it is an accomplishment to complete a single plus is offering to pay our fee. I thought I could get out of it because the facilities were lacking. For a triathlon you need to swim, bike and then run, but you also do it in that order. I am not someone that can pee in the ocean. I knew I would be competing all day. I told our sister there is zero chance that I would compete in an event that had no restrooms, sadly for me the event is entirely working with a shipping tote corporation. They have portable restroom facilities right on the site. After the ocean swim you can shower in an individual stall, potty and wash your hands. After biking plus running there are bathrooms as well. The toilets are all separated, the sinks have soap with them plus there are air dryers. Besides looking like a shipping container from the outside, you would never know. I entirely don’t have much room to sit on if the event has this modular restroom set up. It entirely is an intelligent idea. I do prefer that I can take a shower to wash off the ocean water plus then compete clean. I am going to don’t care for it, but I suppose I will do it with our sister.



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