My husband left me here with this brand new HVAC system

My husband left me here in our house with a brand new HVAC system that cost us a whole lot of money.

I still can’t believe that he has done this after almost 7 years of marriage.

I guess it’s true what they say about people getting tired of each other after about 7 years because he just took off without a word of warning at all. I was surprised whenever I came home and found a note along with the fact that all of his stuff was just gone! The bad thing about it really is that we had just gotten our new heating and cooling system installed in the house because he is the one who wanted it! I was totally fine with the fact that our indoor air quality was sub par before this, but he was always complaining about it. He said that he just couldn’t live in a house with terrible indoor air quality and he was a real baby about it. I don’t know why he was such a weenie about the whole thing but he complained about it for so long that I finally said it would be fine if we got a new heating and cooling system. Even though the HVAC system that he wanted to get was super expensive and over the top, in my opinion, we got it anyway. I really didn’t think that we needed to get the HVAC system that was top of the line. I thought that we would be just fine with a lower quality system, but he insisted that we get the most expensive one of all. Now, I think that he just did that because he was planning to leave and he wanted to leave me stuck paying for the HVAC system!


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