I think I preferred winter and the furnace.

I’m not a summer person and I never had been. When people ask me why I don’t like summer, I told them I can’t take enough clothing off to stay cool. My air conditioning unit didn’t work well enough to keep it cool in the house. There was always a lot of humidity and it rained nearly every day where we lived. My husband loved summer and worked outside all year round. He didn’t notice the air conditioning didn’t work well, but I did. I think I preferred winter and the furnace, because our furnace worked well, and our home wasn’t humid. The furnace heated the air which helped dry it out. Even though it was cool and humid outside, it didn’t affect the inside. I could add more clothing to keep warm, but summer was different. I talked to my husband about getting a new air conditioning unit, but he just asked what for. I called the HVAC company and told them about the humidity in the house. When the HVAC technician arrived, he immediately noticed how warm and humid it was. He checked the air conditioning unit and told me it was getting old. We needed a new air conditioning unit, and it needed to be heavier. He thought that a larger air conditioning unit would cool the house more efficiently and it would be cheaper to run. I worked and put most of my money in the bank. I knew I had enough money in the bank for the new AC unit, so I told the HVAC technician to order the AC unit and make arrangement for the installation. My husband never noticed the change.


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