I loved the new HVAC system.

For three years, my husband vacillated over what HVAC system we should put in our house. He knew purchasing a new HVAC system wasn’t a pressing issue, and he had plenty of time to give it consideration. We discussed if we should stick with traditional central HVAC, or go with something else. Ultimately, we thought we would go with the ductless HVAC system. We had an old boiler and only had window air conditioning units in our house. The cost of ductwork was prohibitive for our budget, and we didn’t want the mess of having it installed. Last month, we needed to buy two new air conditioning units, and the HVAC technician informed us we needed a new furnace before winter. We needed to decide which HVAC system we wanted because we had run out of time. When the HVAC technician came to the house, my husband didn’t hesitate when he told them we wanted the ductless HVAC system. We knew how many outside units we needed and we wanted a system with a SEER greater than 26. Three months later, we knew we had made the right decision. The air conditioning was amazing, and our energy bills had gone down. We hoped the heating would be just as good, and the HVAC technician assured us it would. He set up an appointment for late summer to clean the ductless HVAC system and make sure it was in good condition. Other than that, we never worried about servicing and regular maintenance. We love our new HVAC system and wished we hadn’t waited three years to have it installed.


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