I'm being cooked alive in this horrid heat

It has been so hot outside recently.

Normally I don’t mind the heat, in fact I normally love the heat and embrace it, but recently it has been much hotter than normal, even too hot for me.

It’s been so insanely hot because we had a heatwave come through and it’s really having an effect on everything. I’ve really noticed it is beginning to have an effect on my heating and air conditioning system. My air conditioning system is really struggling under this heat wave. I’ve noticed it making strange noises, and just in general struggling to cool my house and it’s not older or anything. In fact I recently had it tuned up and serviced and the heating and AC professional even said that it was ready for all the heat that would be coming our way. Hadn’t even with all the heat that was coming our way it was still having issues with the heat wave. I’m just hoping it lasts, it’s a little bit on the older side but it’s not that old and I’m afraid that it’s going to break down on me and I’m going to have to pay an expensive repair fee. I really like fitness and I normally go jogging every single day and then try to hit the gym at least once a week. Recently I haven’t even been able to do that at all because as soon as I step out the door it’s like I’m being cooked alive. I break out into a sweat and I get sunburned very quickly. It’s just been a miserable experience feeling like I’m constantly walking underneath a giant furnace. I’ll be so glad when the fall months come around and it’s cooler outside.


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