Our basement was so cold, I didn’t need a refrigerator.

Our basement was so chilly that my partner often stored items that needed some refrigeration in a chaletet he had down there. She made dozens of candy eggs for Easter every year. They would all go downstairs where they would dry out until he could put chocolate on them, then one day, he was talking about turning the basement into a summer time living room. She could do all the candy for Christmas plus Easter, plus make cakes for family plus friends separate from disrupting our family. I called the HVAC company plus asked them to come out plus assess the basement. We wanted to make sure my buddy and I could put heating plus A/C into the basement so my partner would be comfortable. When the HVAC professional arrived, he looked at the entire basement. He said he could possibly put heat in the basement, but extending the air duct, but he could not get the air conditioning in the basement. After asking what else my buddy and I could use, he said a ductless HVAC system would labor well. There were only a few small windows, so a window air conditioning unit was out of the question. I agreed to the ductless HVAC system. He evaluated the space plus said one unit would be all my buddy and I would needed plus he put the order in for the ductless HVAC system, and by the end of the week, I had the company busy to come in plus the ductless HVAC system was being installed. My partner took one look around plus asked where he was going to put all the candy now that it wasn’t as cool downstairs. I had to buy his a current refrigerator plus a stove.

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