It had a perfect Heating and A/C system

I could fully control the heating and cooling from my PC which is pretty neat

My girlfriend Jill and I have been searching for a condo in the inner town for about 2 weeks now. It hasn’t actually been much of a trek but Jill and I want the perfect locale but also a locale that is in our price range. We wouldn’t mind spending a little more money if Jill and I could find a locale that offered more than what a condo would provide. We looked at 6 locales and Jill and I were pretty much done and were going to option a locale Jill and I were not exactly gratified with but the market wasn’t great on apartments, but Jill and I looked at a single more which was available last hour, the 7th apartment. In the worst case, Jill and I had a locale ready for us, but lucky number 7, this locale was amazing from the get go. The view was amazing, it was within walking distance from many restaurants and the proprietor actually did a lot of renovations to the apartment. She updated the windows, flooring and put in a modern Heating and A/C system! She kept receipts of what the Heating and A/C program that the heating and cooling worker did from the local Heating and A/C contractor. The cool thing is that she installed a smart thermostat. I could fully control the heating and cooling from my PC which is pretty neat. She actually impressed Jill and I and the price range was a little higher than my unbelievable friend and I liked but Jill and I couldn’t turn down this opportunity. So I asked him, “where do Jill and I sign.” She smiled knowing that she did a great task with the condo and said, “it only took the 1st people to look at it to already want it.”

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