I prefer to stay inside the air conditioned hotel

My dad is the worst even though I shouldn’t say that. He does take myself and others on nice getaways all over the world a few times of the year. The thing is Dad takes myself and others to exotic locales where the temps feel like someone is pointing a furnace at myself and others at all times. What I’m trying to say is that –if you are not getting it – I’m hot! This week, my dad thought it would be a great day to rest on the beach and get a tan as a family or go in the ocean water. One thing about me, I am deathly afraid of the water. I can’t see what’s in it and that scares myself and others more than anything. I’m also afraid of darkness but that’s beside the point, and as I rest here on the beach feeling the awful feeling of the sun on my skin, I can’t wait to get back to our hotel room and crank down the a/c. I hope the a/c is actually on as well, however back at home, my dad and I have a smart thermostat so I know to turn on the a/c before I get back. I wish my dad would like to go on getaways to other locations where it isn’t so hot. I mean I don’t want to assume I need to wear winter seasonal gear but something a little cooler would be nice. My dad is currently asleep so I know that we’ll be here for a while and my Dad is talking to a random stranger about getaway spots. I guess it’s going to be a little while until I get to assume that beautiful a/c.

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