Good air conditioning makes a dismal day better

This week isn’t so great.

  • I’m trying to keep positive even though I want to do the single thing I can’t and that is to go outdoors.

I care about going outside and a rainy day like this makes myself and others assume trapped which at times can lead to the depression I have; On a sunny morning, with a light breeze and the smell of flowers always bring myself and others joy and energy. Now, looking out the window, it is nothing but a disgusting mess. I just hate the feeling that the heavy rain ruins the potential of what I could be doing outside right now! However, not everyone else shares my sentiments about these types of mornings, and my sister enjoys the rain. Sam doesn’t go outside anyways and this just gives him another reason to stay inside and play her video games, but Sam and I have so several similarities but the weather is definitely not a single of them, and on mornings such as this when I’m stuck inside, I still try to make the best of it. I grab a book and turn the a/c down to save money on heating and cooling. I still complain a little bit about the heat on sunny mornings even though I don’t mind if the temperature is just right. I guess I’m rather picky when it comes to the perfect weather day, just knowing that the sun is out tells myself and Sam that I have options to go out or stay in. With this rain, I’ll just stay indoors. Thankfully, the weekend forecast shows that the weather will be better and I will be able to go outdoors. Until then, I guess I’ll do my best.


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