The Heating and A/C program had an issue

Another day on the little boat with my kid Mike, however for the last 4 weeks now my unbelievable friend and I have woken up very early just to catch fish and hang out, however the bonding time Mike and I are having is something I didn’t expect although Mike has asked to get more time with myself and others on the weekends; I’ll take whatever I can get, and I assume that there is more to the story but if Mike ever wants to open up about things, whatever it is I’m available.

I guess Mike is hinting a bit about the stresses she has had with work and the condo she just purchased. I assume Mike should’ve had a better inspector look at the home before it was purchased because it feels like there is always some issue with the locale. Regardless, he’ll never ask for financial help and I know that but if Mike just wants to rest in the boat, fish and forget about the world for a few hours a weekend I’m stoked to be there. I should say Friday Mike and I go out fishing but this week is Wednesday, I guess she actually wanted to have an extended weekend and I’m retired so I have all the free time in the world, and unfortunately, this morning Mike’s called about an issue with their dial thermostat not turning on the heater. I overheard when she told Mike that the Heating and A/C contractor won’t be able to send out anyone till Tuesday. I saw this as an option to help and as I said she won’t ask for money even though I do have a portable space furnace sitting in her front collecting dust so I offered that to Mike for the weekend. It will do more unbelievable with her family than collect dust I feel.

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