Waiting on the HVAC technician to fix my cooling system

Sometimes living in an apartment isn’t the greatest thing in the world but other times it is.

Right now, I have a positive and negative mindset about what’s going on with my apartment.

There is an issue with the cooling system so the air conditioning isn’t working currently. I have to wait for an HVAC technician to come out and repair whatever issue is taking place. The negative is that I have to wait for my HVAC system to be looked at but the positive is that my landlord has to pay for any repair work that needs to be done. So in the grand scheme of things, I don’t have to worry at all about cooling repairs. I have to look at it that way or I know I would be frustrated. The cooling specialist won’t be coming to my apartment for 2 days and the weather outside hasn’t really been the greatest. It’s hot and humid which makes me a bit miserable. I’m not going to sit in my apartment outside of work and deal with the heat, I called my sister to spend a few days there. I know she has central air conditioning so I know I’ll be cool for those days still. I don’t want my sleep to be affected so I’m happy I have a family to count on. The only drawback with that is she has this annoying dog who loves to jump all over me and sometimes my sister doesn’t do a great job keeping him clean. He does smell from time to time and that dog breath? It is disgusting. Oh well, it’s just a few days and I’ll be out of my sister’s hair and back in my own bed.

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