Not sure about taking the central heating, ventilation, and A/C offer

I recently just got out of heating and A/C school.

And I have been applying for jobs at assorted heating and cooling companies all over the local area.

I got a single offer that I was not too sure about taking. I did not end up taking it but it took myself and others a month to decide. It turned out that the currency offer from the heating and A/C corporation that was going to hire myself and others was low as ever. I did not suppose this at the time until I started doing some extreme research on what a certified heating and A/C specialist laboring for a local heating and cooling corporation should be getting paid. When I found out I was so in shock. I could not believe that these sleazy people were wanting to take advantage of the current and upcoming heating and A/C specialist preferring myself with low ball pay! Needless to say, this heating and A/C corporation just recently went out of business. So I see why they were doing this at least. It was because they were short on funds and hoping to get good heating and cooling specialists who did not suppose any better for a low cost in order to help rebuild their heat and air conditioning corporation. While it was a good idea, it was still sleazy and wrong! There were other ways to try to save their heating and A/C business. They just could not see the other options I guess.


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