Unrespected use of air conditioning and heating

I can not begin to tell you how crazy the temperatures have been here lately.

I actually had to turn on my central heating and A/C’s cooling! That is unrespected for this time of the year. This went on for a few afternoons, but finally it rained and cooled things off back to normal. The use of central air conditioning is usually not needed for another month and a half yet. This time of the year having to use central air conditioning is something I have never experienced. And I am well over 50 years old! All my life I have never had to turn on the central heating and A/C’s cooling this time of the year; usually it is the central heating and cooling system’s gas furnace that I am using most this time of the year. Either that or no central heating or air conditioning at all. The weather has been getting more and more different all over the country to tell you the truth. It has to be something to do with these weather conditions changing things or maybe it is the start of the end of the world. Who knows. All I suppose is that I do not prefer having to use my central heating and A/C’s cooling this time of the year. As a matter of fact, I don’t care about having to use it at all because I don’t care for heat, and I also don’t care for the Summer time months of the year where I live here in the southwestern desert of the United States of america! Not fun at all let myself and others tell you all!

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