Knowing the lifespans helped us decide on which furnace to buy

My husband and I have been putting off having our gas furnace updated for a few years now.

The gas furnace is old and it technically still heats our home, but it doesn’t run efficiently like it should.

No matter what temperature all of us set it to, our weekly energy bills remain the same. Logically, we knew that we needed to update the gas furnace because we were spending more money to heat our home in the long run compared to if we would have bought a new gas furnace. When the time came to finally update the gas furnace, we spoke with the HVAC supplier about our options. Neither of us had bought a gas furnace before and we wanted to be sure that all of us were purchasing something that would heat our home efficiently and have a long life. Based on our home and our heating needs, the HVAC supplier suggested a few gas furnaces. First, the proper electric gas furnace which would run anywhere between twenty to twenty five years. Next, the gas furnace, which would run about 15 years. Lastly, the HVAC supplier commanded a ductless mini split system, but those were reliable for fifteen years. These life predictions were average and based on how well the gas furnace was cared for. Knowing these numbers helped us decide on an electric gas furnace. Our aged gas furnace worked good for us, it was just aging. If we worked on the modern electric gas furnace, we wouldn’t need to update the gas furnace for another twenty years.


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