Spring cleaning and the air quality

When it is time to do some spring cleaning like now, it is really nice to open up all the windows while cleaning and take in the great air quality! The air quality outside is so great that it makes it like mother nature’s very own whole home air purification system. I have an air purification system in my home that I use. And because of this, it is great to be able to give it a break in the spring when the air quality gets really great around here. Cleaning the house is a good thing for the season. But what is even better is the fact that I get to have the windows open and take advantage of the free no energy air purification that the great air quality gives me! There is nothing in the whole wide world like it. I can not begin to tell you how much I love this time of the year with the top of the line, all natural and all super great air quality that comes into my area day and night in the springtime months of the year! Though I am well aware that the air quality is going to get bad again in a few months when the super hot summer months arrive. Then it will be back to cranking the central heating and air conditioning system’s cooling as well as the whole home air purification system. And no natural air will be available to enjoy and take in for several months until we reach the fall time months of the year. At that point it would be just like the spring.


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