The bad a/c on the last plane I took

Because I need my indoor comfort at all times

The last time I went on an airplane to fly across the country on business, I had the most uncomfortable flight going there! Thankfully it was not the same when I was coming back home. But going there there was very bad air conditioning on the plane. It was very hot out as this is the beginning of the summer time months of the year. And the airplane had little to no central heating and air conditioning! The air conditioning was coming out of the little tube above everyone’s seat weaker than ever. It ended up getting so hot and stuffy in the airplane that they had to bring out a portable air conditioning system that they had on hand for emergencies like this. Which, I have to give them credit for even having thought of that and having a portable air conditioning system on board! That is not something that you usually hear of or see. So I guess I was lucky in that aspect. But I have to tell you that even with their emergency portable air conditioning system that they plugged in, it was still a very uncomfortable flight all together! The next time I have to fly somewhere I certainly hope that something like this does not ever happen again. Because I need my indoor comfort at all times. More so when on an airplane! And not to mention, I can not afford to fly first class. But even if I did, I do not think that would have made a difference whatsoever.



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