Furnace Lifespans

Our furnace hasn’t been replaced for several years now. It still technically heats our home, but it’s inefficient. Although we set our thermostats to different temperatures, our energy bills every month remain the same, so it became obvious that we needed to invest in a new furnace because we were spending more money to heat our apartment over time than we would have if we had purchased a new furnace! As soon as it was time to replace the furnace, we discussed our options with the Heating and A/C supplier. We had never owned a furnace before and we wanted to make sure that we were buying something that would heat our apartment efficiently and last a long time. The HVAC supplier suggested a few furnaces based on the dimensions of our apartment and our heating needs. The first was an electric furnace that would last between twenty to twenty five years. Next was the gas furnace, which would last about 15 years. Lastly, the Heating and A/C supplier suggested a ductless mini split system, but these were reliable for 10-15 years.The life expectations were averages based on how well the furnace was cared for. Knowing these numbers helped us decide to get an electric furnace, then our old furnace was electric and it worked well for us, so it was just aging! If the two of us try the new electric furnace, we wouldn’t have to replace the furnace for another twenty years.
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