A/C was not working

There was a time about a decade and a half ago where I was living in an apartment complex.

I ended up breaking the lease and moving out 6 months early because they refused to fix the central heating and air conditioner! It was over one hundred degrees outside and my air conditioner was not working.

So I called the front office and they sent some real slimy looking fool up that was supposedly their on place heating and air conditioner specialist. He walked in and said “feels cool in here to me!” and walked out. Saying that there was nothing wrong with the air conditioner and that it was me. If this was the case why did the thermostat read that it was 90 degrees! They refused to fix it and I was starting to get pretty sick. So I finally just packed a few bags and went to a local hotel, but from there I called a lawyer and set the wheels in motion to break the lease and get out of there. In the meantime so I did not go broke, I went and stayed with a friend in the area while I looked for a new place that had a working air conditioner. Once I found the place and got things in motion, I just abandoned the apartment and did not pay rent for the next month. The legal aspect of it all maintained everything and of course I won the case. Because they would not fix the central heating and air conditioner. That will teach them to mess with me!

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