Air quality was great during the picnic

I went on a nice picnic with my spouse and youngsters last weekend, and the air quality was actually nice.

Because the air quality was really nice we were able to enjoy the day more than we would have had it not been a good air quality day. I have had picnics in the past that had really awful air quality going on and it was sometimes so bad that we had to leave early! But not last weekend, but last weekend’s picnic was extra nice because of the air quality. I enjoyed the day and so did the spouse and the kids, there hasn’t been a better day in a long time to be totally honest with you all! Next weekend we are planning to go and have another picnic so long as both the weather and the air quality are just as good. We will have to see. But as far as I can tell the weather is supposed to be nice along with the air quality still remaining good. I think that the next few afternoons though it is going to rain. But it does not matter because I will be at work and not even thinking about a picnic. But all I can say is that picnics are only good if it is nice and sunny and the air quality and the temperatures are good. You would not want to go on a picnic if the temperatures were so hot that all you could think about was being home in the indoor comfort of your central heating and air conditioner’s cooling!

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