Im thankful I was able to warm up the cold classroom with the thermostat

Occasionally, I volunteer at my daughter’s school because I feel like it gives me something different and fun to do, plus I get to do it alongside my daughter.

She’s still so young that she enjoys having me around, so I volunteer whenever I can.

Last week, the school asked me if I’d be willing to substitute for one of the teachers, so I happily accepted the offer. In the morning, I hesitated to take off my jacket when I sat down at the desk. The walls were made of cinder blocks and the air felt icy. As I sat at the desk, I wondered why it was so cold. Desperate, I searched for a temperature control. As I scanned each wall, I finally found the temperature control tucked away in a corner. Changing the temperature was the next thing on my mind. It was 66 degrees inside, but it felt even cooler than that! The temperature was raised from 66 degrees to 79 degrees and I waited for the heating system to kick in. Thankfully, the heating system began pumping warm air into the immense classroom immediately! Upon dethawing my body within 30 minutes, I was finally able to relax. I changed the temperature back to 66 degrees in case the teacher preferred it that way.


Heating maintenance