Swamp coolers don’t come close to portable a/c

I can remember the old swamp coolers that were around before there was portable air conditioning systems.

They were really a joke unless you lived in a climate that wasn’t too hot in the summer time months of the year.

You may as well have just had a floor fan and put some dry ice in front of it! That is how weak swamp coolers were. I do not even know if they still make swamp coolers or not. It really would not make sense if they did because portable air conditioning system units are where it is at today. Portable air conditioning systems even in their early stages blew away swamp coolers by a million! But now today, portable air conditioning systems are the most top of the line that they have ever been. As much power as portable air conditioning systems have today are comparable to a really good window air conditioning system back in the day. Sometimes if you are running a portable air conditioning system you may even forget that you are and think you are running your central heating and air conditioning system’s cooling! I do not miss swamp coolers in the least. They were possibly the most ridiculous form of portable cooling to ever exist. I do not know why people even bought them. A window air conditioning system that was small would even do a better job than a joke of a swamp cooler! You have to agree with me on that fact if you know anything about air conditioning.

a/c repairman