The smallest space heater ever

I recently bought one of the most brand new and up to date portable space heaters on the market today. And I have to tell you that I was pretty surprised that they were so small! This had to have been the smallest space heater I have ever seen in my whole entire life! And the biggest amazing thing of all was that this super small portable space heater could put out some real great heating. It was literally able to heat the bedroom that I put it in within a matter of 5 minutes. I am not joking or making things up here! And as a matter of fact, this portable space heater was able to be so powerful that I had to actually turn it off after about 20 minutes because the room got way too hot all together. The portable space heater really impressed me with it being so small and being able to put out this kind of heating. This just goes to show you how great heating and air conditioning technology is today. Heating and air conditioning technology has advanced so much in the last several years that today it is possible for amazing things like this small portable space heater with the amazing power to even exist. Portable air conditioning systems from what I understand are also just as powerful today. Although to be honest I have not bought a modern, brand new and very up to date portable air conditioning system as of yet. But after experiencing this small but very powerful portable space heater, the portable air conditioning system is up next!

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