I was glad I could increase the temperature in the classroom

I sometimes volunteer at our daughter’s school as an extra set of hands in her classroom. I like to do this because it gives me something interesting and fun to do, in addition to being able to work with our daughter. Our daughter is still pretty young so she really enjoys having me around. I try to volunteer as much as I can, and last week, the school asked me if I would be willing to take the place of one of the educators. In spite of a chilly day, I hesitated to take off my jacket when I sat my things at the desk. The walls were made from concrete and I could feel it freezing inside. While I sat at the desk, I could feel how cold my toes were and I couldn’t help but wonder why it was so cold. I searched for a thermostat in desperation. It took me scanning every wall before I discovered the thermostat tucked away in the corner. I immediately changed the temperature. However, it felt even cooler than 66 degrees inside! As I raised the thermostat from 66 degrees to 73 degrees and turned on the furnace, I waited for it to come on. It didn’t take long for the furnace to start pumping hot air into the classroom! After 30 minutes, I was able to feel my body dethaw, and I could finally relax. It was changed back to 66 degrees just in case the educator preferred it that way.

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