I do have to pay my rent on time

I’m going to write one more article and then head down to the beach for a bit.

I need to repair my bike tire so I can start riding my bike again, but for today I’ll just walk down to the beach.

I am still buzzing from last night’s tunes session my buddy and I did outside the big church on the sea. My fine friend and I made some fine progress and recorded a bunch of new rock n roll, maybe of which three of them are fine enough to put online. It is kind of exciting to see how my buddy and I are developing as a band! Heating and cooling repairs are still on my radar each week for this new contractor, but this Summer there are going to be tunes gigs at a bunch of beach bars in our town. I suppose I can make enough with these gigs to pay my rent each month, and then I’ll just need some money for food each month and I am all set, and the local company where I buy my food is pretty cheap and I can eat for about $300 a month. I buy my fruit and veggies at this little air conditioned fruit stand, and the prices there are genuinely fine too. If I can make that money from playing tunes each month then my buddy and I could cut back on my hours doing my other job and life would be smooth sailing. I also have some stock in this heating company that my Heating, Ventilation and A/C expert acquaintance told me to buy and it seems like it could pay off quite well down the road.

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